April 8 – Playing Tourist in Princeton area

Hotel van took us the 13 miles to Washington Crossing State Park (in NJ) from where we walked via bridge to Washington Crossing Historic Park (in PA). We learned that for 61 years, except for two when bad weather made it unsafe, 100’s (all in uniform) have participated in a reenactment of the Christmas Day 1776 crossing. They reenact at 1:00 pm in order to spend rest of Christmas Day with families and friends.

So, how was YOUR Christmas, George?

At Princeton University some enjoyed Edvard Munch exhibit, docented by artist Cheryl. Others found the Princeton Public Library and thrift shops. Most of us took a tour of the campus. Super-enthusiastic sophomore Niclole told us Princeton has 5500 under graduate students and 2500 grad students and 70 miles of shelves of books. She illustrated the distance by saying, “So if two people started walking at the same time, one heading for New York City and the other walking the route of the shelves, the person walking to New York would finish first.”

Our group giggled at the idea WALKING to New York!

Enjoy the pics.

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