Am ecstatic that Twelve Fearless Funny Fit Friends will join in celebrating my 75th Birthday by walking with me from Central Park to the Liberty Bell (120 miles. 9 days.) This segment fills in the gap between Boston and DC. In 1989, for my 50th, a friend and I walked from the Liberty Bell to the Nation’s Capitol. (160 miles. 10 days) Then, for the 70th in 2009 three friends joined me for six days each to walk from Bunker Hill to Central Park. (240 miles. 18 days.)

But, wait…since there are five Aries among us, this stroll celebrates all five April Birthdays, not just mine.

A little bit about these 13 pedestrians: all retired; most from Seattle area, two from England, one from California. All strong walkers, members of several walking groups – Seattle Mountaineers, Issaquah Alps, Seattle Parks Department Striders, Sierra Club, Ramblers, Club Alpinismo Italiano.

Many thanks to Al, fellow Aries and our Go-To techy guy, for setting up our blog. We invite you to visit it to see if we’re having any fun. https://www.radiex.com/treks/
My trail name is BestFeetForward.